Telguard Cellular Communicator

Has your Fire Alarm communicator failed you? Fire Alarm Service Team can help! 

Fire Alarm Service Team is a full service Telguard provider. Telguard is the perfect cellular communicator solution for your Commercial Fire Alarm system.  UL Approved for 5G (LTE-M) Sole Path of communication for commercial all Fire Alarm systems and 24/7 Monitoring.  Interfaces with your Fire Panel using a single DACT connection for universal compatibility.

Benefits of Telguard:

  • Compliant with 2016 and earlier editions of NFPA 72
  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary or backup path communications
  • Replaces the need and costs involved with telephone landlines
  • Minimizes false alarms by providing dual paths for self-tests
  • 5-minute or 60-minute supervision
  • Ease of Installation saves on labor costs

Standard Features of Telguard:

  • Full data reporting
  • Automatic self testing
  • Two programmable supervisory trip outputs
  • Supports Contact ID Alarm formats as well as Pulse (3x1, 4x2)
  • Telephone line monitor built-in with Standard Line Security
  • Antenna & extended cable available for challenged coverage areas

Why Fire Alarm Service Team?:

  • An approved Telguard provider
  • Licensed State of Michigan Fire Alarm Company
  • N.I.C.E.T Certified
  • UL Certified Company


• Telguard TG-7FP Cellular Communicator 

What to expect

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