Edwards (EST) Fire Alarm

Is it time to upgrade your Fire Alarm system? Or do you need to install a new Fire Alarm system?

As a strategic Edwards Fire Alarm Partner and UL listed Company, you can be assured that your will receive quality installations, thorough inspections and timely service.

We have Commercial Fire Alarm systems to meet each and every application and a solution that will fit your budget.

Capabilities of Edwards:

  • UL approved Edwards Addressable Fire Alarm panels and devices
  • UL 268 approved Edwards Optica Smoke Detector which reduces nuisance alarms
  • Energy efficient LED Notification devices allow for shorter wire runs and fewer Booster Power Supplies
  • Built-in Dialers for 24/7 Monitoring
  • Intelligent Smoke & Duct Detectors that communicate directly to the Fire Alarm panel reporting their status (If one Smoke or Duct Detector fails, everything else will still function properly)
  • Ability to provide Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Building Integration
  • EST4 has Voice Evacuation capabilities to meet changing requirements for Audio in Schools/Colleges
  • Sensitivity Reports can be run right from the Fire Alarm panel to meet Inspection Requirements
  • Hyper Strike Speakers for Mass Notification, perfect for College Campuses and Industrial facilities
  • Now able to provide Emergency Response Communication Enhancement Systems for Public Safety and First Responders
  • UL approved Fireworks Incident Management Platform works as a single-seat monitoring & control system for stand-alone & expansive Campuses
  • Able to provide ADA (American Disability Act) compatible Fire devices where required throughout your facility
  • Will work with your preferred Elevator company to provide and install Elevator Recall/Capture Fire devices as needed during Headend and Elevator Cab upgrades to meet current NFPA codes

Why Fire Alarm Service Team?

When property owners decide to do business with an Edwards Strategic Partner like Fire Alarm Service Team, their investment is underwritten by a solid 140yr history of dedication to alarm and detection technology.

  • An approved Edwards (EST) Strategic Partner
  • Licensed State of Michigan Fire Alarm Company
  • N.I.C.E.T. Certified
  • UL Certified Company 

For additional information about which Edwards panel is right for your needs, please call us direct @ (810) 229-8500.


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