Replacement Parts

  • Siga-HCD Intelligent Multisensor Heat & CO Detector
  • Siga-OSD Intelligent Multisensor Smoke & CO Detector
  • Siga-OSHCD Intelligent Multisensor Smoke, CO & Heat
  • Siga-SD Intelligent Duct Smoke Detector
  • Siga-SDPCB Duct Smoke Replacement Sensor Kit
  • Siga-PH Duct Smoke High Humidity Housing
  • Siga-270 Manual Pull Station (1 Stage) 
  • Siga-278 Manual Pull Station (Double Action, 1 Stage)
  • RMS-1T-KO Key Operated Pull Station (Normally Open)
  • 270-GLR Glass Rods Siga-270 Pull Stations (20/box)
  • 278-GLR Glass Rods Siga-278 Pull Stations (20/box)
  • GCSRF LED Red Ceiling Speaker “Fire”
  • GCSWF LED White Ceiling Speaker “Fire”
  • GCSVRF LED Red Ceiling Speaker/Strobe “Fire” GCSVWF LED White Ceiling Speaker/Strobe “Fire”
  • GRSW-10 LED Speaker Mounting Brackets (10/box) G4SRF LED Red Wall Speakers “Fire” 
  • G4SWF LED White Wall Speakers “Fire”
  • G4SVRF LED Red Wall Speaker/Strobe “Fire”
  • G4SVWF LED White Wall Speaker/Strobe “Fire”
  • 12V6A5 7.6 AH Battery 
  • 12V10A 10.5 AH Battery 
  • 12V17A 18 AH Battery 
  • 12V24A 26 AH Battery 
  • 12V40A 40 AH Battery 
  • 12V50A 50 AH Battery 
  • 12V65A 60 AH Battery 

If you need to replace an older part and do not see it on this  list, please call us @ (810) 229-8500. We still have plenty of  the previous models in stock in our Warehouse. 

Also, our Technician’s vehicles are stocked with replacement  parts and batteries to meet all of your service needs.

What to expect

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