Emergency and Exit Light Inspections

Fire Alarm Service Team provides Annual Emergency & Exit Light Inspections through our trusted Licensed Partners in accordance with NFPA #101 requirements.

Emergency & Exit Light Inspections Consist of:

  • Technicians will perform Monthly and/or Annual Inspections of all Emergency and Exit Lights manually, verifying that all backup batteries are good and meet code requirements, bulbs are lit, and that the units will illuminate in case of a power outage.
  • Will verify that there is no evidence of physical damage or leaking/corrosion of backup batteries.
  • Each device is barcoded and a detailed Inspection report is provided to the customer upon completion.
  • Our technicians will note any deficiencies discovered during the Inspection and a quote is provided to the customer for approval.
  • Replacement parts such as Batteries, Bulbs and Entire Units are available.

Have you had an Annual Inspection on your Emergency and Exit Lights this year? If not, contact us today at (810) 229-8500 to get your devices inspected and certified.

What to expect

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