Special Hazard System Inspections

Fire Alarm Service Team provides Semi-annual Special Hazard/FM200/ECARO 25 System Inspections through our trusted Licensed Partners in accordance with the NFPA #17 & #17A requirements. Upon completion, Customers are provided with detailed Reports and the System is tagged accordingly. Any deficiencies discovered are noted and you are provided with a quote for repairs.

Special Hazard/FM200/ECARO 25 System Inspections Consist of:

  • Verify the System is cross tied to the Fire Alarm system, that all applicable Alarm/Trouble/Agen Releasing circuits work
  • Technicians will check Panel backup Batteries for proper working order, noting date and size
  • All manual releasing stations, abort stations, local devices, remote Alarm/Annunciators or Graphics Displays are tested
  • The Agent for the tanks is inspected, any gauges or pilot connections are checked, nozzle piping is inspected and all applicable Smoke Detectors are tested

For additional information about special hazard system inspections, contact us at (810) 229-8500.

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