Fire Door Drop Testing

Fire Alarm Service Team provides Annual Fire Door Drop Inspection & Testing through our trusted Licensed Partners in accordance with NFPA 80 requirements. Upon completion, Customers are provided with detailed Reports. Any deficiencies discovered are noted and you are provided with a quote for repairs.

Fire Door Drop Inspections Consist of:

  • Exercising Doors to demonstrate proper operation, full closure and proper reset
  • A visual inspection is performed before the operational check, or before the drop test of the Fire Door, in order to reduce the risk of failure during the actual drop test
  • Technicians will inspect slat conditions & oil bearings, inspect & adjust alignment of Doors to ensure proper working order, adjust springs as necessary & inspect spring fasteners/tighten hardware
  • Fusible/Electric Links, Smoke Detectors & Hold Open devices/Time Delays will be inspected

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