Fire Pump Inspections

Fire Alarm Service Team provides Annual Electric or Diesel Fire Pump Testing through our trusted Licensed Partners in accordance with NFPA #25 requirements. Upon completion, Customers are provided with detailed Reports. Any deficiencies discovered are noted and you are quoted for repairs.

Electric or Diesel Fire Pump Inspections Consist of:

  • Dropping the system pressure starting the Fire Pump automatically and recording the start pressures
  • Technicians will observe Fire Pump for excess noise, vibration, amperage overload, liquid leaks ( water/grease, etc)
  • Suction and discharge pressures are recorded at Churn, will transfer power from normal to emergency at peak operating load and from emergency back to normal
  • Bearings are checked for vibration and excess heat, packing glands are checked for proper leakage, motor amperage and voltage are checked at each test point and the casing relief valve flow is checked and set
  • The Fire Pump Control panel's Start/Stop push buttons are operated, time & date are verified/adjusted as needed, circuit breakers & isolation switch are tripped & reset, pressure is dropped to insure Jockey Pump will start and all Controllers for Fire Pump & Jockey Pump operate properly
  • Technician will log (30) minutes of Fire Pump run time

Note: Monthly Fire Pump Churn Test & Diesel Fire Pump Maintenance are available upon request.

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