Kitchen Hood System Inspections

Fire Alarm Service Team provides Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood System Inspections through our trusted Licensed Partners in accordance with NFPA #17, #17A, & #96 requirements. Upon completion, Customers are provided with detailed Reports and the system is tagged accordingly. Any deficiencies discovered are noted and you are provided with a quote for repairs.

Kitchen Hood Inspections Consist of:

  • Verifying if the system is UL300 compliant, monitored by the existing Fire Alarm system, that the gas and electric shut down to appliances is in place as required and there is proper nozzle coverage for the cooking appliances under the Hood
  • All gauges on the system tanks are inspected and cartridges/agent are checked for proper weights
  • All piping is inspected to make sure it is clear and free from obstruction, seals/blow off caps are inspected, nozzles are cleaned and operational and correctly positioned
  • Technician will perform an Air Pipe testing and replace all fusible links when applicable
  • Upon completion system is reset, tagged and all pins are removed

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